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The philosophy of
Urban Picnik

There are many great reasons to choose the products of Urban Picnik. Here are a few of them.

Marie-Anne Verstraelen
What inspired me to found Urban Picnik ?

Passionate about nutrition and creation, I have a strong desire to make a difference. Through these glass jar salads, I want to share my passion for organic and natural food while introducing you to products filled with vitality. Maintaining a balanced diet may seem complex, but it is sufficient to simplify the process. With Urban Picnik, I wanted to create the products I have always dreamt of: ready to eat balanced meals.

Thanks to meal salads you can eat on the go, Urban Picnik offers you not only the simplicity of eating well, but also ingredients that have real benefits on your body. Ready to eat and good for the health ? Of course, it is now possible ! We suggest a balanced vegetarian diet for all your lunches or when you are running out of time. And guess what ? Our salads are so tasty that you will keep coming back for more !

I welcome you to discover these high quality products.

Marie-Anne Verstraelen

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Julie DesGroseilliers
The privilege of working with Urban Picnik

I do believe that a healthy diet must above all rhyme with pleasure, gluttony and a touch of wis-dom. A colorful plate filled with fresh food such as fruits and vegetables, will always be a mea-sure of health as well as a true delight for the senses. That is why for over ten years, I have proudly been the spokesperson of the campaign < I love 5 to 10 servings a day >. Being self-employed since several years, I encourage people to adopt and maintain healthy eating habits through conferences, drafting of articles, creation of recipes. I am also the author of three books, published by Les éditions La Presse. Nutrition – I just can’t get enough!

Working with Urban Picnik is a privilege. The privilege to be part of a new adventure oriented toward one main purpose: helping people to eat right. Cooking in a jar is not only ap-petizing but also practical, flavorful and highly nutritious. Together, we are working hard and with a great deal of passion to offer you dishes combining pleasure, satisfaction and an excellent nutritional profile. Happy discoveries!


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All Urban Picnik salad bowls are gluten-free and contain at least 15 g of protein. Created by nutritionist Julie Desgroseilliers, the four salads (Soleil, Dragon, Milos and Maki) are vegetarian and strike the perfect balance between plant protein, whole grains and freshness. After all, eating well also means enjoying what you eat! They are available at IGA and Metro locations in Quebec.


All our recipes have been developed in collaboration with our nutritionist. Thanks to their fibre and protein content, our meal salads help keep your body going longer, a key component for enhancing the vitality!

On the go

Forgot your lunch? You are in a hurry? The meal salad is an ideal smart solution. Everything has been done to provide a healthy and complete meal. All you have to do is pour the dressing found in the jar!


Discover an unparalleled freshness for all your lunches. Indulge yourself! Taste our colorful vegetables, whole grains and plant proteins to get all the energy you need.


A vegetarian diet is now an easy option to try and adopt. You will be charmed by an amazing flavor! Are you vegan? We have also thought of you with our Dragon and Maki salads.