The plant proteins


Whether you care for human health or the environment, plant proteins have what it takes to please.  That being said, no need to be vegetarian to be in top shape.  However, it has been documented that an abundance of plant products in your diet have real benefits on your health.  Here are eight appealing reasons to include plant proteins (edamames, tempeh, hemp seeds, black beans) to your everyday meals.

  1. Economic. Except for nuts that are sometimes more expensive, plant proteins are most of the time cheaper than animal proteins.  Think about it : a 540 ml can of chickpeas, that feeds at least three people, costs on average $1.39, for a total of 46 cents per serving. Try to find an equivalence for animal proteins !
  2. Source of fibre. Plant proteins like tempeh, lentils, soy flakes and almonds contain dietary fibre while animal proteins like meat and eggs don’t have the same properties. Beyond promoting your intestinal regularity, fibres are known for reducing the risk of heart desease and certain types of cancer, while helping to maintain a healthy weight and control diabetes.
  3. Low fat and low calorie content. Plant proteins contain almost always less fat, and thus fewer calories than meat, except for nuts and seeds.  The latter however contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are beneficial to cardiovascular health.
  4. Heart-healthy. Tofu, edamames and lentils help to reduce the risks of heart disease. Eat more !  The plant kingdom has a lot to offer.   
  5. Reduce the risk of cancer. Eating less meat for the benefit of legumes and other sources of plant proteins, contributes to the prevention of colorectal cancer1, the second leading cause of death for men and the third leading cause of cancer death for women in Canada.
  6. Energy-friendly. The production of plant proteins requires much less energy than animal proteins (particularly beef).  Beef émits 11 times more greenhouse gases per calorie, requires 8 times more water than wheat, rice or potatoe, and holds 160 times more land2. Ultimately, an accessible and practical way to take action in support of the environment at several levels, is simply to reduce the consumption of animal products.

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1. - Pour prévenir le cancer, remplissez votre assiette de végétaux et adoptez un mode de vie actif.
​2. Bernard Lavallée, “Sauver la planète une bouchée à la fois”, Éditions La Presse.