Gluten Free Vegan
295 g


Beets, tofu, sesame…

Made with beets and a sesame sauce, this vegan classic will certainly please you with his vibrant colour. Enriched with vitamins, fresh and energizing, our Dragon is perfect for take-out after leaving your yoga class or the office. There is something to make people jealous around you!

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  • List of ingredients

    Ingredients: Beets, carrots, tofu (water, soy, salt, calcium sulfate), dressing (silken tofu, water, vinegar, sesame butter, garlic, salt), almonds, kale, maple syrup, tamari sauce (water, soy, salt, alcohol, microbial enzyme, bacterial culture).

    Contains: soy, sesame, almonds. May contain: peanuts, milk, mustard, cashewnuts.

  • Food preservation

    10 days

  • Nutrition facts
    Nutrition facts table Per serving 328 g