Gluten Free Vegan
295 g


Rice vermicelli, tempeh, peanuts…

Made with rice vermicelli, tempeh and enhanced with a peanut sauce, our Maki salad has been inspired by the spring roll. Freshness, texture and flavor, a perfect blend awaits you. If you love peanuts, this vegan salad is excellent for your next meal on the go!

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  • List of ingredients

    Ingredients: Rice vermicelli, carrots, dressing (silken tofu, water, vinegar, peanuts butter, garlic, mint, salt), celery, tempeh (soy, water, rhizopus culture), lettuce, peanuts, tamari sauce (water, soy, salt, alcohol, microbial enzyme, bacterial culture).

    Contains: soy, peanuts. May contain: milk, sesame, mustard, almonds, cashewnuts.

  • Food preservation

    10 days

  • Nutrition facts
    Nutrition facts table Per serving 295 g